Champaign- County Area Rural Transit System

Champaign County Area Rural Transit System (C-CARTS) provides safe, convenient, and reliable general public transportation in rural Champaign County. Service is provided within rural areas or between rural and urbanized areas. C-CARTS provides demand response transportation whereby persons needing a ride call ahead to request a specific pick-up time and location. The level of service provided is curb-to-curb which allows drivers to pick up and drop off passengers at the curb closest to the desired pick up and drop off locations. Operating hours are Monday-Friday 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For more information on C-CARTS service, how to reserve rides, and fare structure please seeĀ 

Eagle Express Schedule Improvements

Schedule improvements are now in effect!

Beginning on Monday, November 28th, schedule changes to the afternoon Eagle Express went into effect. These changes were made to respond to concerns from passengers as well as improve connections between the Eagle Express and Rantoul Connector.

Please pick up a copy of the new schedule on any C-CARTS vehicle or view the updated timetable here.

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